Inclusion Libraries

In 2021, Sammy’s Buddy Program began a new initiative, “inclusion libraries.” We provide a library of books for each participating classroom and school library that builds understanding, celebrates differences and promotes inclusion, kindness, advocacy, and disability representation. Additionally, we host presentations by authors, activists, students, and leaders within the disability community to share their life experiences as they encourage students with disabilities, and their typical peers, to speak up and speak out for inclusion and equality. Our buddies learn invaluable lessons that will make them better friends and stronger leaders.

I am the librarian at Columbia Elementary. I stepped out for lunch today but when I returned, there was a box of beautiful books! THANK YOU! These books are wonderful. The efforts you are making are helping this generation understand more about meaningful support and sensitivity for the feelings of others. Having a brother who was offered no such mercy, this dynamic shift brings me so much hope. If there is anything I can be doing to help or support your efforts, please let me know. A million heart-shaped THANK YOUs,
Trishelle Duncan
School Librarian
Through Sammy’s Buddy Program, I have witnessed students grow and mature. With exposure to individuals with disabilities, many general education students become advocates for their peers with disabilities.
Erica Villareal
Special Education Teacher
I learned so much more about people with disabilities. I’ve always tried to be kind, but I learned I can do more than that! I can advocate for them and we can use our voices to make things better for everyone.
Sixth Grade Student