Kindness Campaigns

In 2020 we launched our first school-wide Kindness Campaigns with the goal of promoting kindness and inclusion in an active, impactful way. Thousands of students have now participated in these programs. Throughout the campaigns, students write notes, wear kindness bracelets and pins, and make a pledge to focus on kindness and inclusion. They also participate in lessons and activities that promote engagement in real-world settings. Over several weeks students watch for others’ acts of kindness and nominate peers for recognition and awards. The Kindness Campaigns help transform classrooms and playgrounds into places of safety, encouragement, advocacy, and inclusion.

Students’ 'missions' at recess are to watch for acts of kindness so they can come in and nominate their peers. They LOVE it! I have seen so much more inclusion and acceptance as a result of Sammy’s Buddy Program Kindness Campaign.
Stephanie Benware
Elementary Teacher